Proxy Shopping Services

Our company offers proxy shopping services if you're looking for unique, limited goods or items which are difficult to get in your location.

This service is great for people who:

1. Want to get a limited item but have no time to spent on auctions or in line to buy stuff which sells out in seconds.

2. Want to buy items which are unavailable in their country and the destination country, does not ship to their homeland.

3. Do not speak the language of the country they want to purchase from or have a difficulty of getting access to stores which offer the necessary product.

Comment ça marche ?

1. Send us your request.

2. We find the items and ship it to you.

3. Costs are: full price of the item + shipping + 15% of the total price (item + shipping) for assistance and handling the product.

Have more questions? Do not hesitate to contact us:! We offer proxy services to most countries in the world.

Examples of brands we can help you purchase from:

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